A letter from Barjis Chohan

Welcome to TBI!

My aim with this initiative is to make that little difference in inspiring, supporting and nurturing talent. To create an inclusive environment where we at TBI, the schools, universities, industry, and the government work together to build a strong inclusive creative industry.

I am particularly interested in working with schools and linking them with universities to enable us to tackle the lack of creativity and arts in the school curriculum. By offering competitions and design workshops at schools; we at The Barjis Initiative would like to inspire the youth of tomorrow.

Through our enterprise projects we work with men, women, new startups to mentor them in their early stage of business.

Finally, we would like to reach out to a wider global market by working with schools, charities, and organisations in key developing countries.  Supporting gifted and talented kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to thrive in the arts and show how a thriving Arts curriculum can enhance their well-being and emotional development.

TBI is not a charity – it is profit making organisation – we strongly believe that every business can have a social purpose and don’t feel the need to set it up as a charity.  Employees, the supply chain, interns and investors should be paid well to retain talented individuals. A profit making organisation can equally have a social impact like a charity without resorting to donations and gifts.  With a talented workforce and giving young people opportunities as paid interns – we are giving them a head start in their lives. The happier they are, the more passion they will show in serving the disadvantaged people in our society.


Barjis Chohan 

Founder, CEO – Barjis London


CEO, Founder, The Barjis Initiative.